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Nostalgic seafood in the first Slovenian marina

Cesta solinarjev 8, Portorož, Slovenija
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Jernej Podpečan

In the first Slovenian marina

What use is the first Slovenian marina if it doesn’t have a seafood restaurant? What use is the best hotel if its guests have to go over the road to eat? Where should you go on days in and days out if you only go somewhere different once or twice per year? What use are moored yachts if the owners go to Croatia? Where should you go for breakfast consisting of fluffy pancakes and eggs Benedict? Where should you go to seek shade for lunch if you’re not in a hurry and if you don’t want to see pictures of the food before you enter? Where should you go to eat and hide at the coast, so everyone will see you? Portorož needs Restavracija Marina because of the boring seafood restaurants on the promenade!

In the previous location the team had a more beautiful view of the sea, however at this location, which is more coastal, Portorož and the coast have again acquired what was urgently needed. Restavracija Marina has returned; in the past it was seafood fine-dining, when we didn’t even know what that meant, but is now a fancy seafood restaurant, when fine-dining can be found ‘left, right and centre’. And that’s exactly why we want things to be like in the past, when fish were still in the sea and not just in the freezer.

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Of course, those coming from yachts can’t eat fish all day, so Restavracija Marina also offers steak, but just so that those from land know all too well that Marina is a serious and genuine seafood story. Both, therefore, are equally delighted by the accompanying wines. A place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from the sea and right by it.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

7 courses

80 €

Accompanying wines

40 €

Wine list

The best wine experience in Portorož, or rather on the coast! Sommelier David Alaimo can choose between 300 wine labels.


A year-round covered shady terrace and a view of the marina. When it rains, the dining room provides an air of elegance.


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