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Borovška cesta 83, Kranjska Gora, Slovenija
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Simply good

Under one roof, Pino Alpino offers home comforts with stunning views, wine cabinets full of the finest Slovenian wines and simply good food prepared in just the right way such that the dining area is always full and the wine bar is always full of chatter.

Visitors to Kranjska Gora need Pino Alpino so they can be happy and contented on holiday. Because they are busy throughout the day, in the evening visitors just want something tasty on their plate and a glass of something good. Hence, they are already in good spirits when they enter, as Pino Alpino recommends they: ‘Come and pay us a visit’, while they reply ‘Pino Alpino, is this tarragon potica?!’

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Ever since Kranjska Gora has become more popular in summer than in winter, visitors from near and far no longer just rely on čevapčiči on the ‘beach’ and stews in the snow. Together with Milka, Mama Marija, and Lipa, Pino Alpino is well aware that it is in the heart of this alpine village, hence its food is ‘merely’ simply good, but guests don’t only return because of the fairytale sledges and full wine cabinets, but rather due to the new dishes, which skilfully borrow their popularity from old ones. So, order what is simply good: pate, ravioli, risotto, chuck steak, rib eye, and warm cake!


Cold starter Chef Hat

Chicken liver pate, almond praline, parmesan cheese

6 €

Buratta, apple, beetroott mollases

8 €

Warm starter Chef Hat

Risotto Milanese with caramelized black sausage

12 €

Grilled radicchio trevigiano, parmesan cheese, citrus gel, pine nuts

8 €

Main dish Chef Hat

Pork neck, mached rutabaga, lardo, onion cream, coleslaw

22 €

Dry aged beef, mached peas, grilled corn, pecorino sauce

26 €

Dessert Chef Hat

Is this tarragon cake?

6 €

Warm apple tart with cinnamon cream

8 €

Wine list

50+ wine labels


Outdoors its like an alpine fairytale, inside its homely and relaxed, albeit with a modern makeover. A combination of a wine bar and a local restaurant.


hotel with 7 rooms and wine bar