Restaurant Strelec

Cosmopolitan and regal Igor Jagodic

Grajska planota 1, Ljubljana, Slovenija
It’s the best
Creative and Original

Fine dining from Strelec’s tower

To go on a journey that features cosmopolitan cookery techniques and ingredients of a well-versed chef, one merely needs to take the funicular up to Ljubljana castle. The city, which is crammed with animated tourists from throughout the world on both banks of the Ljubljanica river and beneath its illuminated bridges, deserves a restaurant such as Strelec, which fits the real meaning of the word cosmopolitan. A top quality restaurant with the best view of – in the words of the city’s mayor – “the most beautiful city”.

Chef Igor Jagodic loves things that are fragrant, from which he creatively builds flavour combinations that are not limited by tradition but rather are modelled on the worldwide nature of the visitors to Ljubljana and its castle. Fine dining high above the city.

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With his recognisable, aesthetic style, chef Igor Jagodic creates perfect dishes that are full of detail, colours and freshness. Every dish that comes out of his creative kitchen is different from the norm, which is why Restavracija Strelec is a hit with all those seeking a fine dining experience in Slovenia’s capital city.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

75 €

7 courses

95 €

9 courses

115 €


5 €

Accompanying wines Chef Hat

5 glasses

38 €

7 glasses

48 €

9 glasses

60 €

Wine list

sommelier Igor Dorner Radosavljevič
wine labels: 150


an attractive circular restaurant in a castle with beautiful tables and windows with a view


1 Michelin star
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
Ljubljana Castle