Restaurant Tabor

Gourmet fish offer in Gorenjska

Podbrezje 246, Podbrezje, Slovenija
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Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
From Rivers and Seas
Gašper Kordež

Seafood beneath mountains

Is Tabor the best Slovenian or Gorenjska seafood restaurant? Tasting seafood in Gorenjska is an experience that reveals the Slovenian love for Dalmatian cuisine: you don’t even know what the sea has to offer, and how, if you always spend your holidays at the same camp!

The tasting menu in this restaurant beneath Gorenjska’s mountains offers a real representation of the catch in Adriatic Sea. It upgrades seafood ‘classics’ in an original and creative way using fermented vegetable peel, miso surprises and sweet-sour-hot contrasts. Add into the mix a skilful chef who ‘attacks’ the sanctity of the freshness of the sea, which proves that with the right ideas and knowledge, food isn’t just a logistical intermediary station between fishermen and diners, but rather a creative place where the chef adds maturity to the innocence of the fish.

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That’s why guests at Tabor are so satisfied because they know what they’re getting. It’s just a case of what the clams are called that are fresh today, how much bread they will eat this time alongside the shrimp in the buzara, and how many of us want the fish that Matej recommends this time. Such simple tastes are, of course, not enough for such a chef and his new, large kitchen, hence the greatness doesn’t end here, rather it’s just the beginning. While the chef’s tasting menu at Tabor appeals to demanding guests, regulars are no less catered for as a result, in fact they also benefit, because they have a new challenge in their old restaurant: how about ordering something different today?!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

6 courses

60 €

9 courses

95 €

Chef’s table (menu with accompanying wines)

175 €

Wine list

sommelier Mateja Markič, 150 wine labels


Homely Dalmatian-style, a coastal-themed dining room with a fireplace, terrace, fruit garden and views of the snow-covered mountains.


wine cellar, rooms
sign Slovenia Green Cuisine