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In a vineyard: homely with an equal measure of tradition and modernity

Svečina 15a, Zgornja Kungota, Slovenija
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Dijana Valdhuber

Wine and tourism

Lunch is good at every tourist farm where the cooking is sincere, where they use the best of their own local and seasonal produce, as well as that of neighbours, and there is an air of joy among visitors in the homely environment.

Valdhuber is also homely, simple, well-known and, hence, good. Nevertheless, the food here isn’t like elsewhere, since the lady of the house gives familiar dishes just the right amount of modernity and difference that one doesn’t just go to Valdhuber for wine and a platter of cold cuts, but rather for a really good lunch and its famous wines. Therefore, Valdhuber doesn’t only delight but rather pleasantly surprises. Wine and tourism!

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Austrians on the southern Styria wine road are already worried about the competition, which not only knows how to slice (sausages) but also how to cook well. Denk, Gaube, Vračko, Valdhuber, wine & tourism … An amuse bouche in the vineyard, ravioli filled with ricotta, a surprise in the beef salad, a great lunch in a famous cellar.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

22 € to 27 €

4 courses

30 € to 35 €

5 courses

37 € to 45 €

Wine list

Valdhuber wines follow the international style of white dry wines with an accentuated fruity character and freshness. The vineyards cover 9 hectares.


Summer shade beneath the treetops in the middle of the vineyard, in spring and autumn one can inspect the vines from the terrace, and when it’s colder, there is a tasting room down below and above it a spacious dining room.


winery Valdhuber, 4 appartments