Gostilna Antonač

Tradition and modernity with a youthful enthusiasm

Bojanji Vrh 4, Ivančna Gorica, Slovenija
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Traditional and Contemporary
Creative and Original
From the Farm
Matevž Erjavec

A tasting menu in a village

If you cook that well, it’s good to also be a pizzeria; if the surroundings of the house are so well kept, it’s good to also be a farm; if you are a village restaurant, it’s good that reservations are necessary at the weekend; if you serve squid, it’s good that the accompaniment is sturgeon, for a change; if you are a family restaurant, it’s good to have successors; and if you are that young, it’s good to be able to make your youthful ideas come to fruition in your own kitchen. If there is anyone who still thinks that in a village far removed from the main road it’s not possible to survive through knowledge and creativity, rather than through imitation and superficiality, they should therefore head for Gostilna Antonač!

What is just carpaccio elsewhere, at Gostilna Antonač is marinated strips of beef fillet with a herb cream and buttered roasted carrot crisps. ‘Classic’ dishes are available too!

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Take a look at how much Gostilna Antonač’s tasting menus cost then quickly check that there aren’t (again!) any tailbacks on the Dolenjska motorway!


Tasting menu Chef Hat

5 courses

28 €

6 courses

36 €

7 courses

40 €


A bar with a pizzeria, large dining room and beehive frontal panels


Farm, pizzeria