Gostilna Repovž

Gourmet Slovenian rustic food at a modern organic farm

Šentjanž 14, Šentjanž, Slovenija
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Sabina Repovž

A culinary playground on a farm

Gostilna Repovž is a homely local restaurant that is both in the middle of a village and on a farm as well as being family-run, traditional and top-notch. The home cooked food is from the best local and seasonal ingredients from the family’s farm, from neighbours, and from the best producers and suppliers. The cuisine is nouvelle, the service is modern and the whole experience, included the pairing of food and wine, is harmonious as well as being educational.

Whoever succeeds in making blanched green beans with pork crackling, lamb ragout, chicken stew and štruklji in soup so original, yet still rustic and creative, whilst also remaining hospitable, excellent and so homely that you immediately recognise them (!), deserves for you to leave them to come up with ever more surprises. The more you get to know Repovž, its farm, the local environment, the ever-growing family, its diligence, efforts and talent as a host, the more you enjoy their surprises.

In the past, Repovž was an exception, because it offered such great food, such welcoming hospitality, poured wine so expertly and was so connected as a family. And all this in the middle of a village, right next to the church and on a farm. Don’t worry, all this is still here, but the exception no longer applies. Previously, Repovž was an exception in Slovenia, but now it is the rule! A restaurant that is so excellent because its team cook home-made food using the best, seasonal, local ingredients from the family’s organic farm, as well as from neighbours and from the best growers and suppliers, cooks them in such a new way, serves them in such a contemporary manner and combines them so harmoniously and informatively with wines, is considered an appropriate playground for such a culinary experience everywhere in the culinary world. Repovž now has this too, hence it makes one even happier!

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One doesn’t go to Repovž merely to eat but also to enjoy! And that is what Repovž does best! When it raises its hospitality to a gourmet level and asks guests to leave the choice to the chef, this doesn’t create apprehension but rather enables guests to experience Repovž’s superiority in their own comfort zone – and all this at an organic farm.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

Short walk (4 courses)

49 €

Accompanying wines

28 €

For the curious (5 courses)

65 €

Accompanying wines

35 €

Royal menu (10 courses)

95 €

Accompanying wines

49 €

Wine list

sommelier Grega Repovž, 350 wine labels


This old, traditional, village, farm, family restaurant has been so rejuvenated that it has acquired elegance, excellence, modern superiority and taste.


Michelin Green Star
Michelin Bib Gourmand
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs member
organic farm, lodging and viticulture
Sustainability label Slovenia Green Cuisine