Styrian-style Mediterranean cuisine

Gosposka ulica 8, Maribor, Slovenija
Creative and Original
Urban and Different
Wine and Food
Simon Umek

A metropolis in a small city

Rožmarin has as many different faces as one has wishes. It is like a metropolis in a small city that was rather dull until Rožmarin came along. Even though the city hasn’t entirely recovered, it at least gives one hope when you see that at least Rožmarin is always full.

What others offer on one menu and in only one dining room isn’t just divided into various areas at Rožmarin but also various chairs, tables, menus, waiters and rules. Actually, Rožmarin is such a metropolis one could almost sleep there too…except they don’t have beds, but then they aren’t really necessary since, thanks to its wide range of facilities, its open from early morning until the wee hours of the night. In short, Maribor doesn’t only have the world’s oldest grapevine, it also has ever-new Rožmarin (translation: rosemary)!



Rožmarin is the type of restaurant that, throughout the world, are not only ‘on the scene’ but rather ‘are’ the scene. In short, Rožmarin is ‘in’ and is the place to be seen, whether in its restaurant, café, pizzeria, or bar, or even the shop with its Spanish prosciutto or the wine shop with its French wines. Rožmarin is a place for ‘after parties’ for all kinds of cultural, sporting and entertainment events in Maribor – whether large or small – or for holding your own event at the venue itself.


Tasting menu Chef Hat

3 courses

30 €

4 courses

40 €

5 courses

50 €

Wine list

650 wine labels


Rožmarin isn’t just a place, it’s the whole street, and it’s not just a restaurant, it’s also a pizzeria, café, wine shop, and a shop with a design that many copy